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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Spot of bother at Buckby and could this be the Vulcan Bomber

Something to be said for getting up early.

We missed another boat going up the last two locks of the Bruerne flight this morning by a whisker. By the time we had made ready and untied, the boat was in the lock with paddles raised. Took our time after that, no point in rushing so because of the delay we got to meet a very nice volunteer lockie lady at the top. Wish I got her name 'cause she was cheery enough to brighten anyone's day. She wont be on the Bruerne flight for much longer with the number of boats dying down, but she hopes to be volunteering on the Foxton flight so look out for her, she a real breath of fresh air.

New sign by the side ponds at Stoke Bruerne
Going through Blisworth tunnel I did wonder if I would get that anxious feeling again. To this day I wonder if I truly saw the Blisworth ghost back in 2012 but no bad vibes this time and I even took a few more photos. The only boat in the tunnel was the one that left before us this morning and that was way ahead so we motored on a bit to get through as quick as possible.

Only water coming through the new section was from the side shafts

not so from the older part plenty of water coming through the roof

Only one air vent was peeing water though

this one nice and dry.

North portal exit
We had heard on the grapevine that diesel at Stow Hill was 59.9p ltr and even though we still had 70% in the tank, topping it up at that price was a good idea. Didn't quite work out that way as a boat was being craned in and the diesel pump was out of action for the time being. Not really wanting to wait and knowing we have enough to get us back to our mooring in Langley, we carried on.

Our plan was to more below Buckby flight and go up in the morning. Again this all changed because of the noise! The motorway ran along the side of the canal here and with a constant stream of traffic, and with the wind blowing the sound toward Buckby, no way could we have got any sleep had we stayed. With a boat coming down the flight I pulled onto the landing. Ian got off with the center rope and there our troubles began. With both paddles raised the force of water took FS's bow round toward the opposite bank. I jumped off to help hold the rope but the rope kept slipping through our fingers. Meanwhile the two gentlemen who had raised the paddles stood watching our plight. We had hoped they might have dropped the paddles to stop the water flow but I dont suppose they gave it a thought. Only when the water had subsided did we manage to bring FS back under control. Think we may have to be quicker in getting the center rope round a bollard in future especially when bottom paddles are raised. Still the only harm done is a lovely blister appearing on my finger.

What I did see when waiting for the second lock in the flight was this plane. I heard it before I saw it and wish I had got a better picture as Ian said it may have been a Vulcan Bomber. Only one I have ever seen was at Duxford Air museum and that was in the hanger.

We did all but the last lock on the Buckby flight stopping where the road and rail noise was more acceptable. With us now ahead of schedule a lie in is on the cards tomorrow and I must just make the most of it by having tea and toast in bed. 

Nearly missed seeing this. Ian saw it first and I'm pretty sure it was on another bloggers post but I cant remember who's! Anyway well done whoever put it there. It certainly makes one smile.

Wildlife On route. Not much today although I did miss a pheasant in flight.



nb Chuffed said...

Check out Qisma's blog for the Vulcan - they have a good picture

Alf said...

yep, that sure was the Vulcan (XH558) I was doing two tours last weekend as it will shortly become unairworthy as the major backers (Rolls Royce & BAE systems) are withdrawing their support, more info - http://www.vulcantothesky.org/


Jennie said...

Hi Irene, It was indeed a Vulcan bomber on it's final ever flight as it is being retired. Chris served on Vulcan's in the 1970's (as did Ken from nb Cleddau). I was in the WRAF at RAF Scampton on the Vulcan training unit and met Chris there! I was lucky enough to get a couple of flights on a Vulcan. Sadly it is too expensive to keep going, so you were privileged to have witnessed this flight. 'The Gentleman of the Road' has appeared on a few blogs recently - mine, Boatwif and at least one other, possibly Halfie. It was the realism of the hands that really impressed us most. I was in the galley when we came across it and Chris was through the bridge hole before he fully clocked it, so he reversed to enable me to see it and take a few shots! Jennie nb Tentatrice

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Thanks for the info everyone. Glad that I did get to see it in flight even though it was a fair way away. Sad to see these magnificent planes no longer flying but like always it all comes down to money.

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