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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Saturday 30 October 2010

Our new Buckby Can

On our way to Milton Keynes in September we stopped between Buckby flight to a small canal- side shop selling original Buckby cans. I had always hankered after one but none of those on display took my fancy. The owner of the shop said she would paint one in our boat colours and my only stipulation was the roses had to be blue and cream not the traditional red. The can looks stunning and the shop owner liked it so much she is going to paint a few more in these colours for next years trade.
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Mysterious leg

This bush appears to be pushing the boat away from the side. It is actually the work of some clever person doing a bit of topiary.
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WHAT THE ????????

No I'm not seeing things!!! It really does say Goats Eggs £1.50 a dozenPosted by Picasa

Friday 29 October 2010

Huge Perch at Bugbrook

One of the biggest caught so far. It got its own back when it pierced my palm with one of its spines. Blood everywhere!
After catching this fish the diesel boat arrived to diesel the boat in front. Completely ruined the rest of my fishing.

Thursday 28 October 2010

Family again

As we have been moored in Gifford Park for several days we decided to move the boat back to Cosgrove. Our niece Elizabeth came over from Australia and as she has never been on a narrow boat we gave her the tiller and with some trepidation told her to get on with it. A very good job she made of it too!. Christine, Kev and Josh came along for the ride.
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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Goodbye jeep

Had the call from the garage, today, that I was dreading. Our new car Peugeot 206 would be ready to collect at 3pm today. Its like losing a reliable friend, okay not so reliable this last year, but for 9 years now she has been a good old workhorse!

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Burnt boat

Travelling toward Gifford park we saw this sorry looking sight. I wonder what sort of boat this was?
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Sunday 17 October 2010

Ian finally allowed me to do a lock. Although my wrist ached afterwards I felt pleased that I could manage again. Now if only my knees would stop hurting............!
Posted by PicasaThe dogs favourite place when we travel.

Thursday 14 October 2010

The first picture was taken on our way back from Marsworth and the second picture is also on our way back but 5 weeks later.

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Monday 11 October 2010

Wendover restoration

Top left is Ian and woofits standing at the end of the new restored bit of canal . Top right speaks for itself. Bottom left shows the work to have almost reached the rest of the canal and bottom right is one of the new bridges. The sides and steps are full of plaques of those that have helped in some way to make it all possible.
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At lock 45 we had a VERY sharp right hand turn into the Wendover Arm. Like most of these little used waterways the water was very clear ( lots of fishes swimming by ) and extremely shallow In fact if another boat had come toward us I'm not sure what we would have done. Try to reverse probably!!!

The Flour mills in the picture above were full of pallets of bread flour ready to be loaded onto a lorry. Shame we couldn't grab a few as we cruised by.

Posted by PicasaThis mooring was about as far as you could go. We had already turned round at the end of the arm. The fishing here was brilliant. Perch, Bream and plenty of rudd.

Marsworth flight

Nearly hidden from view. Lock 42 on the Marsworth flight.Posted by Picasa

Marsworth facilities

We had a lovely run to Marsworth. The sun shone and we met some lovely boaters on our way. Just before we got to the junction we met a couple on their boat Oakfield who like us are "continues cruisers". I found out they are also bloggers so I will add them to my blogger followers.


Posted by PicasaCan you see me? Ian was looking to see if an other boat was coming. As we had another 5 locks to do it would have been easier if another boat could join us. Unfortunately there wasn't.

Thursday 7 October 2010

To Eastbourne ( finally! )

Finally made it to see my dad and step mum on the 7th of October. This time our journey down was free of any mishaps and we had a wonderful visit. I took my camera but forgot to take any photos. This picture was taken on a previous visit.
On Saturday 9th we set of again after dropping the car back at Colins and decided to head for Marsworth to cruise down the Wendover arm.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Pigeon at Fenny Stratgford

Before we left to go shopping at Fenny Stratford, a cat chased this pigeon into the canal. I hoped it would get itself out and when we arrived back a couple of hours later there was no sign of it. Then while we were sitting enjoying a nice cup of tea, we heard a commotion outside . When we went to investigate the pigeon was still in the water and trying desperately to get out. I grabbed my fishing net and managed to pull it out. Poor thing was exhausted and very cold. We had lit our fire so I brought it in to try and warm it up. By 10pm it still was only just hanging on but we had to go to bed and I couldn't leave it in front of the fire, so with some trepidation I put him in the well deck and hoped he would survive. Unfortunately on getting up in the morning he was only just alive and an hour later gave his last breath. Not everything turns out as one would hope but we did give it a proper send off Dug a hole in the hedge bottom and gave it a decent burial.

Friday 1 October 2010

Thursday 30th

Went shopping and stopped off at a Peugeot garage to see about changing our Jeep. Found a nice 206 estate which we took out for a test drive. The offered price on ours as part exchange seemed okay so we have put a deposit down on the 206.

When we arrived back to the boat Ian had a go at sorting the brakes out. He shaved a small amount off the pad and tomorrow he will take it for a good run to see if the problem is solved.

Wednesday 29th

Yipee! Had a phone call to say the brake pipe had been replaced. Ian took the next available train back to Hemal and by 12.30pm was on his way back. Then at 1pm another phone call. This time from Ian to say that the brakes were binding again and he would have to let the wheels cool of! So problem still there. Now what? When he arrived back a decision was made to try and shave a bit of the brake pad in the hope that it wouldn't seize up again, so that is tomorrows job.
Christine and Josh arrived to bring our dogs back. Josh is gorgeous but he never keeps still. Into everything. Had a funny moment when Christine decided to change Joshua's nappy and before she could get the new one on, he peed over our books in the book case. Bless!!

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