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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Here one moment, gone the next!

Last night Ian arrived back from Sweden . Although I was looking forward to him coming home, the thought of the drive to East Midland airport, in the dark and in the rain, made me very apprehensive. In my younger days I would drive anywhere, night or day, but since moving onto the boat and traveling at no more then 3- 4 mph, I have somewhat lost my nerve. Some might say the journey from Mercia to the airport is a doddle, but what I found disconcerting was the massive roundabouts leading onto, and also off, the A50 with the numerous junctions leading from them. Trying to get into the correct lane with the cars zooming up right behind, trying to hurry me on, was terrifying. Put it this way, if I had had a car on my bumper when I left the A50 then I would have turned onto the M1 instead of following the signs for East Midlands!! I was totally in the wrong lane! Thankfully at the last minute I was able to swerve into the correct lane and somehow found myself heading in the right direction. Needless to say, after I found Ian waiting at the garage situated on the approach road to the airport, I vacated my spot at the wheel and let Ian take the driving seat for our return journey to Mercia.

So this morning Ian packed his backs for a second time and has just left for his 'boys' weekend away quad biking. In the meantime he left behind a mountain of dirty washing for me to tackle. (no doubt I will have another load to do when he comes back tomorrow with all the muddy clothes from zooming round fields etc.) After my epic boat clean I'm going to enjoy today, doing the things I want to do. First off was taking Jade for a decent walk. There are two good sized fields attached to the marina for dog walking. After all the rain we have had both are saturated to the point of needing wellies. So how did I set off for the walk this morning? in trainers!!! The only way to avoid the mini lakes was to hug the field perimeter and that's when I found the holes, loads of them, all, no doubt, occupied by rabbits. Jade had the time of her life. If she had been any smaller I'm sure she would completely disappeared..

Reminds me of those headless ornamental dogs found in gardens!

Bumble bee enjoying a drink.

I'm going to watch a weepy film later this afternoon. Can sob to my hearts content without Ian making fun of me. But first I'm going off to see if I can say hello to Bruce and Shelia on nb Sanity Again. They arrived back at the marina yesterday but I have no idea which pontoon they are on! It will be fun searching.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Irene

It was good to meet you; well done that woman!

Hope you enjoyed your weepie…

All the best

Bruce and Sheila

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Hi Bruce,

No weepie for me as my daughter Christine, Kev and grandson Josh turned up unexpected. Good job I cleaned the boat, although with Josh into everything it looks more like a bombs hit it again!

Great to meet with you both. Such a shame Ian wasn't around. Maybe next time.

Happy cruising


Kevin said...

Hi Irene,
If you ever need to do the Mercia/EMA run a gain try the back roads through Swarkestone/Stanton-by-Bridge/Kings Newton/Donnington Racetrack... it's much easier/slower/less busy...

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the info. It sounds a much easier and stress free route. One to bear in mind if Ian has to go again.

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