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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Friday 8 September 2023

Hair cuts and bird crap!

 Wednesday 6th

This morning a treat in store, breakfast at the lounge bar, bridge 66, Clifton Cruisers. M&D's treat as a thank you to Ian for doing so much work on Waka Huia. Marilyn may mention that I did some but nothing compared to Ian's contribution. It was a fair way to walk to the café but so very worth it. Our full English was yummy. David had egg, salmon and spinach  but for the life of me I can't remember what Marilyn had. No doubt she will mention it in her blog. 

Later in the day Ian and David went off in an Uber taxi to Braunston to collect the newly ordered gas hob, Paint primer was also on the list to finish off the prep work on the roof. Marilyn continued with the painting, and I polished the side of the boat. Using the paint restorer yesterday had done the job beautifully by bringing up the glorious blue to its original colour but a coat of polish would complete the job. 

Looked a treat in the dabbled light.

On the lad's return it was once again all hands on deck with Ian doing something with the angle grinder. I think there were some screw holes to fill in the super structure and he was cutting down screws to fit. David was once more rubbing down paintwork and Marilyn (in-between preparing dinner) was still wielded the paintbrush.

  By 4 pm enough work had been done. Time for drinks and nibbles. A nice passer-by was coerced into taking a photo by Marilyn.

After another of Marilyn's scrumptious dinners we played 5 Crowns. Guess what...I lost again!

 Thursday 7th

Sleep was disturbed last night, Ian's elbow dig in my side woke me and apparently, it was my loud raucous snoring that woke him! I have always disputed this, I have never heard myself so he must be wrong!

This morning tea was served by 6 am, a lazy start for us but not so M&D. Of course they were up, rubbing down again and painting, Any employer would be very happy to have them on their workforce! Then a text message came through to say Max's Beauty Salon was open for my appointment and to bring a towel! Blooming eck...how early and me not even had breakfast. And what was the appointment for? A very necessary haircut.

Ian had several tasks to do today, put in the new hob and to look at Waka Huia's tiller. It squeaked most annoyingly and had to be silenced. Well, immediately Ian noticed the problem. Almost identical to our dilemma when we knocked the rudder stock upwards from the cupwhen  bouncing over builders rubble in between the Aston locks. The bearing was shown to be a good half inch higher than where it should be. Undoing the bolts holding the bearing and then placing a wood on the base of the swan neck, whacking it hard with the hammer should have dropped it back in place but try as he might, it would not go down. This is definitely an 'out of water' job.

Marilyn STILL painting

Lunch! I provided the meringue fruit nests

Ian next job, fit the new hob.

I offered to sand down the table. Most of the varnish had come off and some very nasty black marks had appeared. It took some shifting. Marilyn came to try her hand, she was much better at the job than me having had lots of experience in the past sanding down doors. Anyway even though we did fail at removing the marks completely, the table looked tons better.



A coat of oil stain was applied and left to dry. It looked ever so nice but then...a bloody bird sat on the branch above and crapped on the newly oiled table-top! 


We saw a rat! Sitting enjoying drinks and nibbles outside Waka Huia late afternoon and one was seen at the bow of the boat. David was not having that, he jumped up...well slowly got up....walked toward it and got quite close before it leapt into the canal and swam away.

It was to FS after dinner for games and dessert, A summer trifle made with fruit, custard, sherry,  Madera cake and cream which was followed by another game of Quiddler. A very close score between Marilyn and Ian. Marilyn won, Ian second (two points in it) and you've guessed it...I came last.

And some wildlife today,

In attack mode

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