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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Wednesday 6 September 2023

Bl**dy foreigner!

 September 5th

Ooh...I had a bit of a lie in! The plan was not to leave until nearly 9 am! There was a reason of course,  at Rugby go Tesco shopping and absolutely no point in getting there too early. M&D were up early. Ian was out at 7.30 and already both were washing the boat. This pair never stop! But David came to Ian with a problem. The water pump was running but no water coming out of the taps. First thought, they had run out of water but having filled only the day before this didn't seem logical. Anyway the suggestion was Ian would try and sort it out when we stopped and in the meantime they would stop at Newbold to refill the tank.


Untied ropes and the same thing happened as yesterday, another boat seen coming toward FS. Blast and double blast because this boat was not for rushing, I found this out when I caught them up. But what a beautiful morning for cruising. Through Old Oak Wood and the sun glinting through the trees was magical.

Loads of boats out today, a long procession meant a wait at bridge holes but capturing this photo was fortuitous moment because that boat was none other than Derwent Six with Al and Del on board. We could do no more than give a wave and shout hello as both boats passed each other. Following behind us was Waka Huia approaching the bridge, Derwent Six was met at this poin,  they stopped for Marilyn to come through. This time Marilyn could have a conversation although still not as long as they would have like.


Derwent six


M&D stopped at for a pump out, we continued to Rugby. That late start meant nothing, the moorings looked full apart from one space and that was the most awkward one right by overhanging trees and the bend. Line of sight was impossible here, we feared for FS's hull, sideswiped was more than likely if we stopped. But shopping had to be done so we had to risk it.

The only space available towpath side

Shopping complete and as I walked back toward the boat so the bow of Waka Huia appeared through the bridge closely followed by David on foot. Marilyn luckily had done her shopping at the Co op at Newbold, dropped David off to walk into town and carried on to find a shady mooring.But all was not well for Marilyn.  First one boat was met, a toot of the horn to warn she was coming through the pinch point which worked as both boats passed successfully, but then almost immediately confronted by another just passing the water point and a moored boat on the offside. Well I didn't see the outcome, Marilyn did mention the bows made contact but standing in the cratch was a lady. I happened to pass the time of day by saying "Busy today isn't it" Well you should have heard her slagging off Marilyn "That women would not move over, she is a menace, doesn't know what she's doing...bloody foreigner. What!! I wasn't going to stand for that. "The person you are talking about is my friend" I retorted back. That shut her up rather rapidly and not another word was said. I couldn't wait to tell Marilyn all about it later. 

We found Marilyn not far from Rugby. The trees provided all the shade that was needed, We pulled in behind, had a long conversation with Marilyn, told her the tale of that women and was immediately given a hug, returned to FS to find her swarming in wasps! What we hadn't realised was a wasp nest in the pilling obscured by grass and weeds was right by FS'S hull. Blast...What a dilemma, if we moved would we be able to find a shady spot but then again if we stayed who knows how many stings we may have had. It was obvious then that we couldn't stay. But suddenly a breakthrough. Hirers arrived back to the boat moored behind FS and said they were going. Great result, we could take their place well away from those wasps. 

The arrows show the wasps

More work was carried out on Waka Huia, Ian tinkered inside doing bits, I applied a paint restorer to the super structure and Marilyn continued painting the roof. Not sure what David was doing but whatever it was, it was important. 

Had an onion and cheese tart for dinner followed by doughnut with ice cream. Gosh they are looking after us well! One game of Quiddler played, Marilyn won...I came last...as usual! 

Oh, and as to M&D water problems...it was as we had thought. They had run out of water!

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Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

And that boater whose passenger slagged me off came around the bend in the centre of the channel. If he'd kept to his side, we would not have collided. But he thought I should move inside the boat I was passing so he could have 3 feet of clear water either side of his precious boat. He told me I was a bloody idiot and I said I'd had the same thoughts about him...

I really did appreciate that you stood up for me, Irene darling - or at least silenced her. Little did she know I was born in that city of dreaming spires though; so not a foreigner...

A brilliant afternoon's work again - I reckon we must all be building up to some hurkle-durkling!


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