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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Is that a Virgin I see?

Before I get loads of complaints about setting fire to the grass...that ash mound was already there! Ian uses my old fishing stool upside down which makes a great frame for the BBQ. I say old because back in 2013 I just happened to put the BBQ on top of the canvas seat of the first stool and melted it! So a new one was purchased and Ian also got himself a stand.

Whilst sitting enjoying our drinks, a Virgin floating high in the sky. Hot air balloons are seen regularly in these parts, and what a lovely setting to drift silently over the river. Brought back wonderful memories of when I did a balloon flight for my 40th birthday. Then the conditions were just perfect for flight, apart from when the wind changed direction half way through the journey giving us longer in the air! We were all blissfully unaware that the gas in the burner was getting low and also heading straight toward a load of power lines. The pilot could do no more then drop the balloon as quickly as possible, which happened to be right onto a ploughed field. The landing was somewhat bumpy and the basket tipped nearly depositing us all into the ruts. Great experience though, and one I would gladly do again.

We left these idylic moorings before the rain started. Got to Abingdon lock in time for the self service signs to be removed. The Saltisford steamer also timed it to perfection but, as we found out several weeks ago, these steamers take priority so we were made to wait for the next locking. Good opportunity to empty the cassette while waiting though.

Fabulous spot to while away the weekend.

It's behind you!!!!
Loads of spaces below lock so with the rain just starting we moored up. Did all of 2 miles and 1 lock but this river is not for rushing. Shopping done once the rain stopped and today was spent enjoying another lovely lazy day.

A bush by FS's bow, a wren giving out his distress call. Probably trying to tell us to clear off!

 And in the two miles of travel today, a pair of Herons. Most unusual as (apart from breeding season) they are solitary birds.

And at Abingdon, a Common Tern

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