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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

To bin or not to bin?

Yesterday I posted a photo of a chap taking a dip above Langley Bridge lock. Later in the day 2 others of his party started jumping from the bottom lock gates into the water below. They were all very drunk! How they didn't injure themselves is anyone's guess. As the afternoon progressed the rest of their party, 4 women, 5 men and a boy of about 12 all settled down to cooking a BBQ. Okay they all got a bit loud but they weren't really bothering anybody, the beer and wine flowed continually and they all, apart from the lad, got merrier and merrier. By 4 pm Ian took Jade for her walk and asked polity if they would pick up some rubbish they had dropped by the lock gate. Wrong move!! Thats when the abuse started and then, when Ian put Jades doggie do bag in the bin next to where they just happened to be sitting, they shouted at Ian to remove it as it was a public bin for rubbish not for doggie do's! They told Ian that they had picked their dogs poo up and said they were going to take it home with them and that Ian should do the same. Ian ignored them and came back to the boat. A while later I went up our neighbours drive to feed their cat. On the way back down, 2 women walked toward me. Asking polity if I could help them they said that they were desperate for a wee and was going to do it on the drive. I was outraged and told them that the drive was private and how would they like it if someone wee'd on their property! Anyway I said I would open the facility bloke and let them use the loo. As I approached the party one of the men started f...ing and blinding and told me how he had lived in Langley for 26 years and the toilets were public toilets and shouldn't be locked. They just wouldn't listen to my argument about boaters facilities not being for the public and they were adamant these loos had always been for public use. Then he started on the dogie do bag saga again and actually took our bag out of the bin and threw it on the floor. By now I had had enough, picked up the bag, put it back in the bin and started walking toward the lock. In the meantime the women had crossed the lock and because I had been held up by this moron they did no more then drop their pants and wee by the toilet block. I wont tell you what I said but needless to say I walked away and just let them get on with it. Then much much later the owners of the house and drive came home to be greeted by a row of bare bottoms as the ladies once again dropped their pants to relieve themselves. Now I know this is a long story but what I'm trying to get at is should we put our doggie dos in any bin, public or otherwise, or should we leave them hanging on trees or left on the ground as no end of people seem to do around here? I would very much like to hear what you think. Oh and guess what, when the abusive man left he put his own dogs dogie do bag in bin. What a hypocrite

Some of the rowdy party on their way home.

to be found all along the Nottingham and Erewash canals

I wonder if it's from the same person as all the bags are black

The bin installed beginning of April by KFC. Has never been emptied! Council have been informed!


Bruce in Sanity said...

I can think of a few names for these undesirables, but not for a public forum…

Of course you should put poo bags in the bin - any public litter bin will do, it all goes into landfill anyway.

The only time it's better not to bag and bin is on NT and Forestry Commission land, where they now encourage you to flick it under the hedge to biodegrade naturally, rather than sitting for centuries in a poly bag in the landfill.

All the best


Heather TakeyTezey said...

Shame you had to encounter such verbal abuse on the canal system. Should've took one of your brilliant photos Irene & sent it to Cart. Oops, not that they'd bother! Makes you wonder if perhaps the local police would??

H x

Kevin said...

Good post Irene.

We can imagine all too clearly how enraged you both quite rightly feel about scum of the earth who have no shred of common decency in the few tiny grey cells they have between their ears!

Looking on the positive side they might succumb to Weil’s disease or something just as unpleasant from their dip in the canal!!

Please make sure should you or Ian need to 'have words' with the local scroats in the future that you tell each other first so that you are not acting alone, OK?

Kevin xx & Harry xx

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Hi Kevin,
Your right. Point taken. If they ever come back Ian and I will stand united!

Hi Heth,

Your not going to believe this but the owner of house who had all those bare bottoms pointed at him works for homicide! So if a murder had taken place he would have been quite handy to have around!


Hi Bruce,

I thought those scumbags were wrong. Good to know we were right all along.


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