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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Destination, Abingdon

We didn't expect to be entertained so well at the Ferryman last night, and by four groups of Morris men to boot All very different from styles of dance. Most energetic was the Icknele Way Morris Dancers

Eynsham Dancers

Kirklington Dancers

Stanton Harcourt

And they all joined for one big finale
Then another Thames sunsets and a flying bedstead!

Had another go a fishing before we went out. Caught another of those signal crayfish. This time I nearly let the chap in Serenity have it for the pot, but as his misses said, 'That wouldn't even be worth throwing in the pan'! So I let it go again!!! Sorry folks.

This morning we were away by 8.30am. We let the river do the job in turning us around although I did have to give a helping hand by poling the bow round at first. Flow is very slow at present and river levels look to be down somewhat.

Then we saw Sue and Vic (no Problem) on the meadows again and had another brief chat before heading to Pinkhill Lock. Looks like their loo may be sorted and both of them can uncross their legs at last!

 At Eynsham lock the pumpout has been sorted. It was a mechanical fault, the card reader wouldn't read the card! Anyway they didn't have to rummage amongst the poo after all to which they were very thankful! A hire boat behind was also waved into the lock. It had joined us at Pinkhill and it was long enough for them to tuck in neatly behind us.

Pinkhill Lock

At Kings lock the hire boat was refused entry. Not that it wouldn't have fitted but because at the next lock (Godstow) no lock keeper was in attendance due to the fact his car got broken into last night and was awaiting a visit from the police.  Godstow lock had a long cill which becomes exposed quite away from the top gate With no lock keeper to decide if the hire boat would fit it was felt he should lock down separately.

The horse flies are becoming a nuisance. Ian already has been targeted and has been bitten through his T shirt so plenty of spray all over us and we both now smell of citronella to deter the pesky blighters.  So far it's working.

Once through Osney lock and Iffley lock the river starts to widen. More of the larger craft becomes present as well as the usual rowers. Trip boats are also in evidence as we found out on a particularly narrow bit!

At Oxford I was sorry to see that all the moorings had been taken over by the dossers boats. We didn't want to stop this time but on our return from the K&A it would be nice to have a wander round the city. Maybe they will have been moved on by then. Fingers crossed.

Our destination was Abingdon which we reached after travelling for about 6 hours. Two spots only on the meadow just below the lock. Wetherspoons is on the cards for tonight as well as another spot of fishing. Maybe as we are moored by the weir I can catch my Barbel.

And now for today's  photos as well as the wildlife. There is a lot so hope you have the time to view them.

Misty morn on the Thames

Next 3 are of Godstow lock

Oxford coming up

Osney lock

Two ways to go. Dave chose the right.

Moorings below Abingdon lock.

Pied Wagtail

Waiting their turn for a paddle

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