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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

And the Scouts arrive

Tuesday 26th

165 minutes or two hours forty five, which ever way you say it the Marple flight wasn't as bad as the last time we did them. Then it took 3 hours 10 minutes and we were descending not ascending!!! (which should have been quicker) Click here to read why.

Having had a boat come past from the locks early evening yesterday we had high hopes of the locks being with us today. Not disappointed on the first but no such luck thereafter until we met another boat descending by lock 11.

First lock on the flight and with us.

Second lock full because of the leakage. This wall spout  was nearly the downfall of a 70 foot cruiser stern. The gulleys round the engine compartment had blocked so water couldn't drain away. It covered the batteries and filled it with a good 5". Took him best part of 2 hours to pump the water out. (told to us by the boater moored with us yesterday)
 It was at lock 11 that we met a volunteer lockie. He told us 2 boats were already on the flight with another two waiting. For some reason he wanted to turn that lock round once the first boat had left for the next boat to descend (travelling with the first) and seemed a bit put out when I said what a waste of water that would be especially as we are nearly up in lock 10. Grudgingly he said he would leave that lock empty for us. Not sure if he just had a senior moment or genuinely wanted to keep the two boats together. Passing the second boat in the pound between 11 and 12,  the last two boats were hire boats full of Scouts! All seemed very willing to give a hand so we almost left them to get FS up the next two locks by themselves, but we did have to stop one of them from winding the gate paddle up fully instead of doing the ground paddle first. She (yes the majority of Scouts were girls) apologised and said they had been warned not to do the gate paddle but had forgotten. With willing helpers we were soon at lock 15 with just the last one to do ourselves.

This was the last of Scouts.
 I love the Macclesfield. I have nothing but good memories of this canal. After turning right at the junction, stopping at the facilities for 30 minutes (very slow tap) I felt I had come home. In fact being totally morbid I want my ashes scattered below Bosley locks. Love the walks and the views and will have died happy if my wishes are carried out..

Marple Junction

So far we have had no surprises to contend with other then a moored boat obscuring a disused swing bridge 'ole and I was very thankful that nothing came the other way!

We had a quick stop at The trading post for Ian to get more engine oil. Tad expensive at £24 for 5 ltrs but FS was badly in need of an oil change. Only one mooring space available at Higher Poynton which we grabbed quick and just in time, as another boat travelling toward us was also looking for a mooring. Should make the top of Bosley locks tomorrow another of my favourite mooring spots.

 And a few more photos on route.

Hot work this locking lark!

Not sure what tickled my fancy.

Dog being groomed on the lock beam. Well why not? Makes a decent table height.

The only pound that was low between 10 and 11

Guess what.

A calf enjoying a dip

The only way to reach those tasty leaves, go for a paddle
 And the wildlife is mainly bugs. Took myself off at Higher Poynton and found an abundance of creepy crawlies. Most are now on my wildlife blog

Jumping spider

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nb AmyJo said...

I echo your sentiments about the Macc, loved the canal especially Buggy. Only wish there were a few more moorings in the towns and city but there's always a next time.

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