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In 1977 we hired our first narrowboat from Anglo Welsh at Market Harborough.From that moment our destiny was set. In 2006 we finally purchased our own brand new 57' narrowboat which we named 'Free Spirit'. Our aim is to travel the length and breadth of all the navigable rivers and canals of the UK. This will be our story as it unfolds.

Friday, 2 October 2015

World Rugby comes to Milton Keynes and C&RT's Chief Executive.....out for a cruise.

This year's been a good 'un, bumper crop of  fruits especially the Sloes.  Having already made 2.5 ltrs a while back, here at Campbell Park I found a good crop growing away from the main path and where footfall is almost non existent. So having the juiciest and ripest sloes all to myself I went a bit mad and picked a bucket load. Next job buy Gin! 7 more bottles were bought and I spent all of yesterday pricking and dropping them in the bottles one by one. So now we have plenty for next years enjoyment and I just need to remember to invert the the bottles every day from now until Christmas.

Baby sitting duties last night as I drew the short straw to stay behind and look after the grandchildren. Ian, Colin and Iwona headed off to Milton Keynes stadium for the Rugby to watch France V Canada and over 28,000 fans turned up to watch the game.  Rugby is not my cup of tea so quite glad not to have gone and, with Oscar and Oliver going to bed when told, enjoyed a quiet evening watching Sky programs on Colin's 50" HD TV. Made a nice change from watching the 18" TV on FS!

A phone call from Ian after the game ( at 10pm) said that the wait for a taxi would be at least a 95 minutes. Deciding to go by bus instead they were horrified as to how long the queue was. Nothing for it but walk the 4 miles from the stadium back to home and, 90 minutes later at 11.30pm, 3 very tired and footsore wanderers arrived back home. They were a bit disappointed that France beat Canada but said they loved every minute of the game. Prince Harry was in the opposite stand to where they sat, although still a fair way away, got to see him nevertheless.. These photos from Ian taken on his phone.

Very empty

Still not many people......as yet.

Warm up by the Canadians

And the French

Flag bearers in readiness for the players to appear

French (L) and Canadians emerge from the tunnel
And these from Colin and Iwona,

Love this photo of  'My Boys'

Prince Harry is there somewhere!

So now the arrangement is for us all to meet tonight (8pm)  at Milton Keynes center where a 'Clash of Drums' is due to take place. To see how long it was liable to take us, this morning we walked to the Fanzone where the Rugby can be watched on big screens and then into the center.  20 minutes to the Fanzone and a further 10 minutes to the center didn't seem bad, although torches will have to be used along the paths tonight as they are unlit.  Fireworks are also going off two nights on the trot so glad in a way that Jade isn't with us anymore. She would have hated it. To think this time last year we only had about a week left with her. October the 10th will be a sad day especially as we are moored in the self same spot from where she was rushed to the vets on her final day..

Fanzone entrance

Seen through the Harris fencing

Fanzone from the rear (our first glimpse)

Lovely views of Mk countryside looking across from the Fanzone.

We had literally just arrived back at FS when who should come past on a work boat? Richard Parry Chief Executive of C&RT. He seemed to be enjoying the cruise and they glorious weather. Having asked how he was he replied, 'All the better for going boating. I make the most of it when I can'. 

Terrible photo but camera didn't like being pointed straight into the sun. That is Richard sitting at the front.of the cabin.

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Halfie said...

At least you took a photo of Mr Parry. I talked to him at Cosgrove Lock and completely forgot to take a piccy!

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